As hopeful parents, we both feel strongly that providing a safe and supportive home is very important.  A child should feel loved, and secure while having loads of fun and experiences for life.  We will stay involved and provide opportunities for a child to have many experiences.  These will include: church, travel, sports, hobbies, recreation, and friends in the community.  We also believe that a fun filled learning environment at home is essential.

If you decide that we are the parents to whom you want to entrust your child, you become a special person in our lives.  We look forward to creating a relationship that is warm, open, and respectful.  We would love to hear from you and hope that you are interested in getting to know us better.  There are several ways to reach us.

 You can text or call:
 1-631- 913-5479
 We have a toll free number in the event you may need:


or send an email:

You may also contact our friendly adoption attorney at:

1-800- 966-2220

We wish you as much peace and comfort as possible with such a difficult decision.

Jennifer & Darren .