Hi!  We are Jennifer & Darren, a married, fun loving, family oriented couple from Long Island, NY looking to open our hearts & our home to a baby through adoption.  We first want to say, we admire your strength and courage in considering placing your child with a family.  We cannot begin to understand the difficult decision process you are going through.  Circumstances in your life right now or just bad timing may make it difficult for you to consider raising a child.  Whatever the case may be, we will NEVER judge, we are easy to communicate with (texting, talking or emailing), we would welcome a boy or a girl, AND, if you choose to, still be in the loop of his/her life through either an open or semi- open plan.

We are warm & loving. We love outings and road trips to create lasting memories.  Our home is stable and hosts tons of family gatherings full of cousins (young and older), parents, siblings, uncles and aunts.  We promise to love, laugh, care, and provide a great opportunity for education and growth.  We hope that after viewing our page, you may have more questions and would like to speak with us further.  Please text or call (which ever you are more comfortable with) the contact numbers to the right or click on the CONTACT US tab.

Fall on Long Island

Out for ice cream on a summer night

Jennifer, Darren, siblings & nephews

Disney Christmas 2016

Pirate themed dinner in Orlando

Talk or Text: 631-913-5479

email: jenanddarrenny@gmail.com

toll free: 1-800-213-0149

We are Hoping to Be Blessed with a Baby Through Adoption